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Cloud Brokers to Marketize the Cloud

Cloud Brokers

At the moment cloud computing is somewhat scattered over various big players. All of them have their own standards and ways to implement their cloud. But they all have one thing in common. All of the cloud service providers basically want your app to be ran from their cloud, and they all have an automatic system to deploy your app into their cloud. I don’t know if this is already common knowledge out there, but I think there is a huge opportunity for a completely new market to be born.

Cloud Broker Service #

Cloud Service Broker is still a concept (in my opinion) and it means that a third party is set to be between the customer and the cloud service provider. This is because dealing with all the specifications can be timeconsuming and kinda hassle if you just want to release your great new application or website to the internet.


Cloud Brokering is a bit different than house brokering.

Let’s say Bob wants to buy a house. He searches a bit and finds a great new home. Bob then contacts the housing broker (real estate agent) and buys the house. The great part is that the seller doesn’t need to communicate with the buyer, he or she can outsource the work to the broker.

Cloud brokering is a bit different. In cloud broker service the customer goes directly to the broker and tells his or hers requirements for the cloud. Cloud broker finds the right cloud for him or her and deploys the application.

Advanced Service #

This is really what gave the inspiration to write this post. Sure there are consultants doing all kind of recommendations for certain clouds and deploying services.

But what if there would be a web application which would automate all of this. I can really see this happening since all the major cloud service providers have APIs for their service.

Bob has just finished his great new app. He goes to a Cloud Broker website, signs up and chooses some variants for the cloud he would be needing. Bob then uploads his app to the web application which deploys it into the cheapest and the best matching cloud depending on Bobs choices. Bob has just deployed his app to the cloud. He doesn’t need to know where his app is, he just have to pay to the cloud broker for the service.

Bob wakes up the next day and checks his emails. Cloud Broker had found better choice at night and had deployed Bobs app into this cloud. Bob saved money.

Techical Details #

The main technical tool required for this is the new container technology where platforms like Docker will play big part in the deployance of the web. Cloud Broker web application can create a container where the deployed application rests. This container can then be transferred and moved to where ever Cloud Broker finds the most suitable.

Cloud Containers

Even at the middle of the night, your application could be moved into a better, more powerful or cheaper cloud.

Cloud Market #

What this all means is that the web application which matches customers requirements and chooses the best and the cheapest option can truly marketize the cloud. The service providers would have to compete against each other and not just rule by having best marketing program.

Cloud computing is becoming the most used processing power there is. Cloud has all the necessarities this kind of market needs because cloud, basically lives in the cloud.