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Innovate a new learning product in a 5 day workshop: ProQuiz

Innovate a new learning product in a 5 day workshop. Work in a small, diverse group of students from (Haaga-Helia) Finland and Bilkent (Turkey).

ProQuiz – Mobile contest about math and programming! #


Users installs the software to their mobile phones which will get hard questions about math or programming to the users to solve. The user is notified when a question arrives and he or she can submit a solution to that question in a specific time frame.

Users get more points the faster they submit the answer. This will produce a ranking around the users, which the competition is about.

Presentation about the topic

Prototype #

We made a working prototype of the project by using Android on the client side and Mosquitto on the server side.

Big thanks goes to Anton Lopyrev for creating this great post about the subject.

ProQuiz Form

You can test our application by downloading the app from the Google Play.

ProQuiz on Google Play

Just install it to your phone and fire it up!

Then just activate the push service and wait for questions to arrive!

When a question arrives there is a notification and it will take you to the application where you can submit an answer.

Testing the prototype #

You can send questions here: ProQuiz Questions

And you can see the answers here: ProQuiz Answers

Team #

Osman Unalan – Bilkent Üniversitesi #

Osman Unalan

Oguzalp Ertunc – Bilkent Üniversitesi #

Oguzalp Ertunc

Tugba Zemheri – Bilkent Üniversitesi #

Tugba Zemheri

Juha-Matti Laaksonen – Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences #