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Swifty on Mobile with PhoneGap

Swifty on Mobile

I have just published my first PhoneGap app at the Google Play!

The app is made for YouTube personality Swifty and it basically shows you the latest videos from his YouTube channels.

I made it using PhoneGap, HTML5, Javascript and YouTube API.

Technology #

I followed basic PhoneGap Getting Started Guides to deploy my PhoneGap and I made a nice HTML5 webpage getting Swiftys videos with the YouTube API.

There is a very good example on Google Developer’s Guide on the topic how to use the API.

So I used YouTube API to gather the videos with Javascript to PhoneGap and repeated this with four channels of his.

Example of one of the queries


YouTube API passed me all the information you could ever want of a video and that way I managed to do some nice links to the actual videos on the YouTube service.

So you actually can do something with PhoneGap!

App #

You can install the app from the Google Play.

I hope you enjoy it and let me know if there’s something missing from the app 🙂