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gedit plugins for web development

gedit can be enhanced to complete and successful code editor by getting some plugins. With the plugins you get major benefits of  accessibility and speed to the writing process. The plugins can be installed on all major Linux distributions which have gedit installed. This tutorial has been tested with Ubuntu 14.04 and should work on every other Ubuntu release also.

First off you should check out gedit preferences which can be found from:
From there you can find all simple editor preferences like:

You can install more gedit plugins by applying the following command:

sudo apt-get install gedit-plugins

This will install the best plugins immediately to be available on your gedit. The following list contains the most important plugins you get with the package:

gedit new syntax highlight format #

If you need more syntax highlighting formats, you need to get a lang file or copy an old one and paste it with different name. This all happens in:


For example for LESS, you can copy css.lang to less.lang to get LESS syntax highlighted appropriately.