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Immutable.js Set Deeply Nested Valued with: setIn

Using Immutable.js you get to know its function set quite quickly in the beginning. Set completely overwrites a property but what if we want to just set a property inside that property?

  name: 'John',
  children: {
    1: {
      name: 'Lisa',
    2: {
      name: 'Anna',

So imagine we have a object like that. We can simply use Immutable.set to change John to something else with

state.set('name', 'Richard')

But if we want to change name of one of John’s children? Then we have to go deeper into the tree with Immutable.setIn:

state.setIn(['children', 1, 'name'], 'Jennifer')

Notice the array syntax!

This way we can set as deep value as we want and we don’t have to completely overwrite the children object.