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Global variables with less-loader in Webpack

Less is a compiler that produces css files. It is usually used with webpack or some other tool that automates development procedures. With webpack one usually uses less-loader which loads all the less files and compiles them to one css file (this is the default usage).

To pass global variables to less-loader and by that to all less files you can introduce globalVars property to less-loader’s configuration.

webpack config:
  loader: 'less-loader',
    options: {
    paths: [path.resolve(__dirname, 'src')],
    globalVars: {
      hereIsMyCustomVariable: 'blue',
      variablesLocation: './path-to-your/variables.less'

With this configuration you have two global parameters variablesLocation and hereIsMyCustomVariable.

The other global hereIsMyCustomVariable can be used like this:

body {
  background: @hereIsMyCustomVariable;

But a very nice use case and example of the power of this feature is to pass name of a less file that contains other variables. So you can import that file within your less file. So the variablesLocation is actually a file path to your variables.less file that can be imported like this within other less files.

@myCoolVariable: #000000;
@import (reference) '@{variableslocation}';
body {
  background: @myCoolVariable;